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Vicki Thomas Presentation is a Wake-up Call on Plastics

Published on 11/11/2023
At the Healthcare Issues Team meeting on October 16th, Vicki Thomas presented “Does This Plastic Make Me Look Fat: Plastics and Your Health.” Short answer: YES.  Vicki described why plastics are harmful (the toxins leech out), where these toxins end up (just about everywhere including in us), and the effect of these toxins in our bodies (you really don’t want these in you). She noted that recycling does not truly address the problem and suggested actions that would reduce the use of plastics and ways to reduce our own exposure to these toxins.

Vicki Thomas has studied the issue of plastic waste for many years. Her interest began when she was a docent for seven years at The Marine Mammal Center rescue facility in Sausalito, California. Here in Whatcom County, she joined the Community Research Project on waste management for the Whatcom County Climate Advisory Committee. There she conducted critical interview research and was one of the authors of the 2019 Community Research Project. While serving as co-chair for the LWV Climate Team, the team became an affiliate of Beyond Plastic where we get regular updates on the latest research and legislation on plastic.

A link to her presentation can be found on the League website here.

The presentation is well worth your time.

The next Healthcare Issues Team meeting will be November 20th at 10 a.m. on Zoom.  Donna Inglis, PeaceHealth Foundation Vice-President, and Amber Asbjornsen, Chief Development Officer for the Foundation, will describe the new PeaceHealth Palliative Care Program and answer questions. Also, Siri Hiltz will inform members and recruit persons for the Observer Corp, a group of League members who will attend public meetings and alert members to critical issues.