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If you missed it, the most recent meeting of the membership of the LWVBWC was held both online and in-person on January 27. Despite a few technical challenges, we had a great discussion centered on each member’s hopes for their community followed by a discussion of our various teams’ work and volunteer needs that are currently unmet.
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This article summarizes the Whatcom County Citizens’ Election Advisory Committee (CEAC) meeting, and describes the urgent need for part-time election workers.
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This primary election is a chance to participate in the nomination process for the office of U.S. President. Voters help the major political parties choose their presidential nominees. Voters must choose a political party on the ballot’s return envelope ballot and then select their preferred candidate for only that party. Your party selection will be removed from your voting record 60 days after certification of the election results, so you are not permanently affiliated with the party selected. Voter participation is public record, and your political party choice is available for public inspection for 60 days. Note that your candidate choice is secret and is never tied to you or your voter record.
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Published On 1/30/2024
County residents may vote for Whatcom Conservation District supervisors, but voters must request a mailed ballot by Feb. 11, with the election deadline of March 19.
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Front Page-News

The League of Women Voters of Bellingham/Whatcom County will have openings for three new Board members in June. Our nominating committee invites you to learn more about being on the Board and consider if this is something that interests you.
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Watch four very short videos on our Civics Education page to learn something new.
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Front Page-Advocacy

Published On 1/13/2024
LWV of Washington actively lobbies the Legislature during the session to advance our positions. How to get involved?
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Book group

Book group members will be meeting in person at the Skylark Cafe in Fairhaven on March 27 at 4:30 pm. Our March read is “How to Stand Up to a Dictator: The Fight for our Future” by Maria Ressa. In this memoir, the writer talks about her amazing personal and professional life as an investigative journalist. She is a passionate crusader against disinformation and the dangers of social media.
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Heather MacKay Brown, who served as a member of our board and was co-president for two years, is recovering from an extended illness. That is why she has not been seen or heard from lately. She is working very hard at getting back to her lovely self. We wish her a speedy recovery and will be grateful when she can return to League activities, as she has been missed!
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For those interested in the vast subject of housing, informational events are coming up. As we proceed through the maze of housing issues these events should provide us with additional information and a chance to meet or hear from those who are helping make the decisions. Hopefully, the League will be one of those helping to make the decisions.
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There’s more than one way to skin a cat and even more ways to hold a presidential primary election in the United States. The method for each state is decided by the state legislature and major political parties of the state. In the past presidential candidates were chosen by the party stalwarts behind closed doors, with a final decision made by delegates to the national convention. And there was some suspense left for the delegates to the conventions and for the public, too.
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