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To provide information about candidates running in our local primaries, the Forum Team is taking a novel approach. We are interviewing each candidate separately on Zoom, asking the same three questions of each person running for a given office. The resulting short videos will be posted on the LWVBWC website, so that voters will be able to hear from the candidates they’re interested in without searching through a lengthy forum for their answers.
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The League of Women Voters of Washington is conducting a series of debates for statewide primary races. Coming up is the debate for the state Attorney General on June 18. Already completed is the first debate, for the Superintendent of Public Instruction, features a panel of high school students from the Spokane area asking the questions.
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Front Page-Advocacy

Google is doing research on "prebunking". It's a way of training readers/viewers online in how to recognize specific types of misinformation, such as fearmongering, scapegoating and whataboutism.
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Book group

Our May book sparked an especially lively discussion. The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy is by Kathryn Gehl and Michael Porter.

Many at the table had brought detailed notes. Our discussion focused on the possible innovations rather than the gridlock. Gehl and Porter compared our current situation to another time of social and economic upheaval—the Gilded Age of the late 1800s, and then they showed how progressive political innovations changed the rules of voting to right the scales at that time.
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Members, please join us for an informal potluck July 14. In the spirit of potluck, please bring a dish and server to share (last name starting with A-I side dish, J-Q dessert, R-Z main dish). We will have plates, etc. and ice water to drink. Catch up with old friends, meet new friends, hear about what is going on in League.
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Elaine Hornal joined the League in 2017, and by 2018 she had taken on the responsibility of Hospitality Chair. She has quietly continued in that role ever since, albeit with a COVID interruption. She keeps a stash of supplies and contacts members to contribute goodies for our meetings. Times have changed, and since COVID many meetings have moved online, yet Elaine still answers the call when we need refreshments. But now she tells us that it’s time to pass that job along to someone else.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to let Elaine know that we very much appreciate her help over the years. Many thanks, Elaine!
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Change is often a mixed bag. Some changes we can wholeheartedly look forward to: We have new board members, elected at our June membership meeting: Dorie Belisle, Siri Hiltz, Carol Smith, and Jessica Waggoner. Joy Monjure will fill a one-year spot.
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Are you a new LWVBWC member? If so, please add Orientation on Monday, July 15th to your calendar. We will be touching on the League’s history and our local work. You will go home knowing how to get involved in a way that optimizes your time, skills and interests.
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Coffee on July 17th!
10:00 to 11:30 a.m.
at COF&
1209 Cornwall Ave., across from Hotel Leo
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In May, the Healthcare Issues Team met with Aly Robinson, MPH, Community Health Specialist, Whatcom County Health & Community Services, to learn about the current healthcare challenges in the eastern part of Whatcom County.
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Racial Equity/Healthy Democracy

On June 2nd the Racial Equity/Healthy Democracy Issue Team held its third annual Day of Uplifting the BIPOC Communities of Whatcom County. Over 85 people attended despite the rain and wind! We set up inside the Depot Market Square with 9 organizations and 3 vendors participating. The League was well represented by the Civics and Climate teams and the stalwart voter registration team. Sheriff Tanksley and Police Chief Rebecca Mertzig spoke of their commitment to just policing. BIPOC members of Bellingham and Whatcom County gave a number of thoughtful speeches.
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League Affairs

At our meeting on June 8, members heard from Ayo Atterberry, Chief of Culture at LWVUS. We had invited Ayo to take us through the transformation journey that is behind the changes we will be experiencing at the local level. The journey began with the idea that “Building League power at every level is necessary to fulfill our mission over the next century,” as former LWVUS President Dr. Deborah Turner put it. The first step was an organizational assessment in 2016, followed by creating a transformation roadmap in 2018, so these changes have been under development for a long time.
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Longtime member Jill Bernstein enthusiastically presented LWVBWC’s annual Legend of the League award to Annette Holcomb for her long and continuing contributions to the League.
Jill described Annette as someone who makes things happen with no drama, no fuss, and no ego, the paragon of leadership helping everyone individually to achieve their goals and helping the organization be its best self, all while taking herself out of the equation.
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