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From the President: Your League Needs You

Published on 3/13/2023
Your local League of Women Voters is almost entirely run by volunteers. Some of us were asked to serve; others stepped up. Volunteer leadership is always evolving.  Current needs are for volunteers to help organize programs on housing, participate in the comprehensive plan update, and support voter education and advocacy.
Housing Initiative

The Board’s housing initiative has produced some great educational programs; now it needs new leaders to carry on the effort or the initiative will come to an end. If housing is a passion of yours, would you consider serving in a leadership team?  If you haven’t seen any of the programs yet, I encourage you to go to this web page and select one of the recordings.

Comprehensive Plan Update

The board and other League teams are planning their activities for 2023-24. The cities and county are in the midst of updating their comprehensive plans. How will they address urban sprawl? Neighborhood density? Climate change? Walkability? Is it worthwhile for LWVBWC members to observe, understand, and perhaps influence that effort? What do you think? Should the League make this a priority in the coming year? Can you support this effort with your time?

Voter Education & Advocacy

Maybe you admire the League’s nonpartisanship. Keep in mind that the League is also committed to educating voters and to advocacy based on carefully thought-out positions. Considering the many issues facing us today, which ones do we work on? It depends upon your passion and willingness to pitch in. It’s a team effort. We support one another. Most of our active groups have co-chairs or leadership teams.

Are you inspired to help, but don’t know exactly what you want to do? We have many opportunities, with varying time and skill requirements, and I’m happy to discuss them with you. There is a niche for everyone with a bit of time. Contact me, Robin Barker, at