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League Monitors Money in Politics

The Washington State Public Disclosure Commission has issued its 2022 report marking 50 years of this landmark legislation.  Initiative 276, approved by a 72% majority in 1972, gave all Washingtonians the right to know who gives to candidates and causes — and who receives.

The report includes charts showing who gave money to candidates and political committees
(Individuals, unions, business, etc.), top candidate campaign spending (Emily Randall, Leg. Dist. 26 Senate, $2.6 million), top independent expenditures, meaning partisan political action committees (New Directions PAC, $5.3 million), and much more.

Cindy Madigan is a board member of LWVBWC and issue chair of the state League’s Money in Politics team.  She observes PDC meetings, meets with staff and commissioners, researches pending legislation, and digs deep into data.  If you have an interest in learning more and possibly volunteering, reach out to