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LWVBWC board changes

Eileen McCracken
Change is often a mixed bag. Some changes we can wholeheartedly look forward to: We have new board members, elected at our June membership meeting: Dorie Belisle, Siri Hiltz, Carol Smith, and Jessica Waggoner. Joy Monjure will fill a one-year spot.

But some transitions are harder. Rebecca Johnson who has been secretary and Candice Ambrosio, our treasurer, have served their terms on the board and will be stepping down. We are most sincerely grateful for their work and will miss them.

Robin Barker will continue to serve on the board but will be stepping down as president.  Robin has been unstoppable in her attention to detail and in doing the right thing. She has been a good representative of the League, responsive and reasonable in all things, and we will miss her leadership as president in so many ways. I’m excited to share that she will be our new Vice President of Communications.

Your new executive team is:

Eileen McCracken (me), President
Robin Barker, Vice President of Communications
Minda Rae Amiran, Vice President of Voter Services
Joy Monjure, Secretary
Jessica Waggoner, Treasurer

These are all big roles and shoes to fill but we have been most fortunate to have the outgoing executives take us under their wings with offers of on-going consults.  I have not experienced a role like this. I’m a retired refinery Chemical Engineer.  I joined the League like so many of you did to register voters and to meet some awesome, smart new friends.  I found that and much more in my three years here. I am continually amazed by the work that we get done. I can’t pretend to know everything or everyone.  But, I will try my hardest and I will be seeking many of you out for advice.  

—Eileen McCracken