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Annette Holcomb Honored as Legend of the League

Longtime member Jill Bernstein enthusiastically presented LWVBWC’s annual Legend of the League award to Annette Holcomb for her long and continuing contributions to the League. 
Jill described Annette as someone who makes things happen with no drama, no fuss, and no ego, the paragon of leadership helping everyone individually to achieve their goals and helping the organization be its best self, all while taking herself out of the equation. 

She lauded Annette as someone who makes sure all the i’s have been dotted and t’s have been crossed, while keeping an eye on the big picture. And Annette is always willing to roll up her sleeves and do the work while not expecting glamor, fanfare or even a thank you.

Ten years ago, Annette served as co-president and board member. These days she is our keeper of institutional knowledge while continuing to serve in myriad ways, large and small.
She co-chairs the Civics Education Team, which has distributed “The State We’re In” textbooks to schools and superintendents, and is mainly responsible for creating the Speakers List to help civics education teachers find elected and public officials willing to speak to their classes. She had a significant and time-consuming role in planning and executing our recent program on primaries held on the WCC campus. 

When Cindy Madigan asked the Civics Education team to manage the consensus process for the LWVWA study of the decline of local journalism, Annette took the lead in arranging an educational program for League members on the study, and in running the subsequent consensus meeting.  

As organizer of the League’s Book Group, she makes sure all voices at the table are heard. She helps organize Conversations with Elected Officials. Annette interviews candidates, staffs GOTV tables, and moderates forums. She’s always willing to get things printed or work as an usher or greeter.

Jill says, “If there’s anyone who’s made us who we are, who has made me personally proud to be a member of the League of Women Voters, it’s Annette.”

Congratulations to Annette Holcomb—this award is a small part of our gratitude, and we are in awe!