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Come & Bring A Friend!

Betsy O’Donovan | Published on 9/13/2023
Do you know the No. 1 reason that people become active in the League of Women Voters? Because a person they like asked them to participate! 

Inviting others is a small thing that every LWV member can do to strengthen our democracy, our community and our organization. To help you, each month, the LWVBWC will suggest one “come and bring a friend” event, and we hope you’ll take up that invitation.

This month, what better event to bring a friend to than our climate event (see the full article on the event at the top of this months’ Voter email newsletter). We bet you know someone, or several someones, who are highly concerned about climate disruption. Perhaps a friend who sorts her recycling perfectly and sends food waste and yard trimmings to be composted. Or the friend who rides a bicycle everywhere. Or who has divested her IRA from fossil fuels, or does any of a number of smaller-footprint actions. 

Please invite your most climate-interested friend or acquaintance to join you from 9:30 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Sept. 23 at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship. The LWVBWC and The Salish Current will co-host a screening of “Wild Pacific Rescue.” Veterinarian Marty Haulena and his team race across the Salish Sea more than 200 times each year to rescue some of the Pacific Northwest’s most beloved wildlife from their encounters with humans. If you’ve ever felt that there’s nothing you can do to heal the world, let this documentary give you examples, hope and an opportunity to meet people in our community who can use your time and talents. We’ll see you there!

—Betsy O’Donovan