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Book discussion: Poverty, by America

Annette Holcomb | Published on 8/12/2023
For its September 27 meeting, the book group has selected “Poverty, by America” by Matthew Desmond.  Desmond examines the persistence of poverty in our wealthy country and poses the question why we continue to have an underclass, and whose interest is served by this.  

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Members interested in exploring issues and discussing them in a small group are welcome to come to the book group. We meet on alternate months, in person—see the calendar for details. 

In July we had a lively discussion after reading “I Never Thought of it That Way” by Monica Guzman.  This book presented fresh ideas about having meaningful conversations with another person who disagrees with us on important issues. We compared notes about Guzman’s ideas, reflecting on our personal experiences and imagining how we might disagree better in the future when an awkward conversation presents itself.  “I Never Thought of it That Way” is available for sale or at the public library if you are curious.